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Why Routine Tree Maintenance is Important

Trees seemingly grow everywhere, most of the time with little to no care or maintenance. But in order to keep the trees surrounding your home healthy, routine upkeep is necessary. An annual tree checkup will not only keep your trees looking their best but may also increase your property value.

Scheduled tree maintenance generally includes routine pruning. In addition to the trees becoming more visually pleasing, removing dead branches allows the tree’s energy to be redirected back to the healthy living sections. Pruning also encourages new branch growth and creates a stronger root system which helps the tree to withstand harsh winters, high winds and severe thunderstorms. Trimming away dead, dying or diseased branches can prolong a tree’s lifespan by creating open space for rain, air and sunlight to reach every leaf and branch.

Dead limbs on a tree frequently become havens for small rodents and destructive pests. Also a tree in need of pruning can make it susceptible to numerous diseases. Tree pruning is considered a preventative measure for eliminating the spread of disease throughout both the host tree and surrounding trees. Dead loose branches may get blown off during high winds or knocked down if there is an ice or snow storm. Regular pruning reduces the chances of this occurring; since the last thing you want is to be the homeowner responsible for your entire neighborhood losing power because a large branch broke off and tore down electrical lines or knocked out a transformer.

Routine tree maintenance will keep check on noticeable cracks, cankers, knots and exposed roots which over time may cause major problems. In forests where trees grow unchecked the soil is nutrient rich, whereas in a residential yard, the trees are competing with the grass, flowers and shrubs for many of their necessary nutrients. Adhering to a set fertilization schedule will help your trees thrive, making them (and you) the envy of your neighbors!

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