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Storm Damage Prevention

Ice, snow, high winds, thunderstorms, tornados…all things that in a blink of an eye can cause major property storm damage. That’s why it’s important to take appropriate action now to determine if your trees could present a hazard. Having your trees inspected approximately every three years, or immediately if there is an obvious concern, can go a long way in minimizing damage and possibly even save you money in the long run.

The majority of new subdivisions under construction in the Upstate have gone in and clear cut the entire neighborhood, allowing for personalized landscaping options, including tree selection. If this is the case on your property it is important to work with a tree expert in order to select the most suitable varieties for your yard. Choosing the right trees and having them properly placed to deflect wind can help lessen expensive storm damage.

Many homeowners don’t consider the importance of proper planting and the role it plays in reducing costly future damage. Site size, soil type, and rooting volume all need to be taken into consideration when selecting tree species and tree placement locations. Keeping these important factors in mind can help protect both your property and family for years to come.

A visual check by an experienced tree professional to determine the risk each tree on your property poses, in relationship to the proximity of your home, outbuildings and automobiles will give you piece of mind and help to ensure damage is minimal. Eric and his team of experienced professionals have years of extensive tree servicing and will custom design a damage prevention plan specifically for your property.

That said, all the planning in the world won’t always stop tree damage caused by Mother Nature. That is why it’s important to bookmark Out on a Limb Tree Service so you can quickly reach them in care of an emergency. Swift action in the days and weeks following a strong storm can often bring damaged trees back to normal and in some cases keep them from having to be removed.

For the best in Upstate tree care, please call Out on a Limb today at 864-320-8787 for all your tree care needs.

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