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Saving Storm Damaged Trees

While we’re suppose to have an early spring this year thanks to Mr. Groundhog, chances are still pretty good the Upstate will get at least one more blast of potentially harmful precipitation. Take time now to clean up any tree damage from that last snow and ice storm and do some preventative maintenance to lessen additional damage during the next cold snap.

  • Trees are extremely resilient and while one may look like it’s not worth saving, be patient. If it’s not a physical threat to structures, cars and people then don’t be in a rush to have it taken down. But it is important to remove any hanging branches in danger of falling, especially those located near power lines, homes and cars. While hanging branches are fairly obvious, storm damaged limbs that are twisted and bent aren’t as easily detected. Twisted branches are under tremendous stress and can easily snap off if not removed.
  • An experienced tree care professional can determine the extent of damage and come up with a proper game plan. If major limbs are broken the tree has to work harder to recover and it may not be able to be saved. Rule of thumb is that at least 50% of the tree’s branches should be intact in order for the tree to produce enough foliage in the spring. This new foliage supplies necessary nourishment for the upcoming growing season.
  • If the tree didn’t suffer extensive structural damage and overall was healthy to begin with then pruning broken limbs, repairing the rough edges around the now exposed wound, and watching for signs of decay or insect invasion will usually be enough for the tree to make a complete recovery.
  • Depending on how many limbs had to be removed the tree may look unbalanced, especially during its dormant stage, but it is important not to overcompensate by trying to even things out. As the tree continues to heal the new foliage will fill in those bare sections.

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