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Help! I Think I Killed My Tree!

That grand oak, the focal point of your front yard for years, isn’t looking too good and chances are it’s entirely your fault.

While landscaping fabric may be a godsend when it comes to controlling weeds, it’s not a tree’s best friend. Landscaping fabric has two sides; one side designed specifically to allow moisture to seep through. Eventually those tiny holes can become clogged, blocking water and oxygen to the surrounding soil and tree roots. The fabric also keeps nutrient rich organic material from the tree’s roots and can in some cases cause tree girdling. A more environmentally friendly method of keeping weeds at bay is to properly mulch around the tree base.

Liquid or powder herbicides, especially those containing glyphosate should never be used on or around trees, shrubs, plants, flowers or vegetable gardens. Herbicides can be carried from treated areas to other foliage by wind, leaf litter or soil runoff. Tree root systems, especially those connected to a large tree can easily extend two to three times past the tree’s drip line. So while you may only intend to remove weeds or brush on one side of the yard, you can unintentionally harm and even kill a tree without even realizing it.

Trying to save a little money you grab a ladder and a saw and begin hacking away at what you think are dead or damaged branches only to determine a few weeks later that the majority of those branches were healthy, just dormant; and now the entire tree is suffering. Excessive pruning, especially by a novice, can quickly kill a thriving tree. Drop the saw and pick up the phone. A seasoned professional just may be able to salvage that magnificent oak, majestic elm or gorgeous weeping willow.

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