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Tree Care Tips for Spring

Flowers are blooming, pollen is flowing and it’s now time to get your yard ready for the upcoming warm weather. Use these simple and smart tips to keep your trees looking and feeling great.

  • Give your trees a good visual check, paying close attention for signs of disease, rot, insect infestation and fungus. Take note of any damaged or dead branches and have them pruned as soon as possible.
  • Pull weeds and clean debris that has gathered around the base of the tree. Before the summer heat ramps up now is the best time of the year to circle the bottom of the tree with mulch. Proper mulching will help to keep moisture in during the upcoming long, hot and dry days.
  • And speaking of water, don’t assume your trees don’t need extra moisture simply because the ambient temperature isn’t that high. If your spring is turning out to be dry it is important to water your trees on a regular basis. Sufficient water is necessary for proper leaf and shoot development.
  • Trees need to be fed just as your flower beds, indoor plants and hanging baskets and spring is the best time to apply a slow release fertilizer to keep them healthy and replace missing nutrients. Fertilizing trees will also increase their resistance to insects and diseases.
  • Tree care professionals call it “coming into leaf,” that time of the season when trees begin to emerge from their dormant state and their leaves start to show and turn green. After your initial visual inspection, continue to scan your trees regularly looking for areas that aren’t turning green. This generally indicates branches that are dead or dying and will need to be removed.

While for the most part, trees do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves, sometimes they need a little professional help to continue to grow and thrive. For the best in Upstate tree care and maintenance one call to 864-320-8787 is all it takes. Contact the experienced professionals at Out on a Limb Tree Service today for all your tree’s needs.

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