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To Water or Not To Water?

You water your garden, flower beds and grass, so why not water your trees? Many people assume trees, especially older established trees, don’t need watering. Newly planted saplings along with young trees need more attention than a grand stately oak, especially during times of high temperatures and little rain. And just because that towering elm or pine has flourished for decades without any assistance doesn’t mean it wouldn’t benefit from a thorough soaking.

One of the easiest methods to see if a tree needs additional water is to take a long screwdriver and insert the blade into the dirt surrounding the tree. This works great for trees planted in our hard red clay. If the screwdriver can easily be pushed at least 6” into the soil, there is below the surface moisture.

When watering trees it’s not necessary to water anything except the ground around the base of the tree. Keep in mind a tree’s root system can be extremely widespread so don’t focus only on the base of the trunk. A soaker hose which can be looped around the ground surrounding a tree in several spirals in a great way of ensuring the majority of the root system is getting water. Since the roots may be wide and deep you want a watering method which allows the moisture to slowly seep into the ground, not run off into the nearby grass.

Another good way of increasing moisture around your trees is by using mulch. Mulch can reduce water evaporation by up to 35 percent, increase a tree’s rate of growth, and control weeds and soil erosion.

While it’s important to water during periods of little to no rainfall it is also important not to overwater your trees. A tree that retains too much moisture can end up with brittle leaves and have mushrooms, moss and algae growing in the soil around the tree.

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