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Stump Removal versus Stump Grinding

The tree is down and all that is left is a stump. Should you leave it to decay over time? Dig it up? Or have it ground into wood chips? Most tree care professionals agree the longer a stump stays in the ground, the more problems it can and will cause.

The biggest and most dangerous concern is pests. Termites and carpenter ants alike both love the fact a good bit of their work has already been done. They don’t have to chew through the hard bark and the top of the stump is a slowly decaying all you can eat 24/7 buffet. But eventually they tire of eating the same thing day after day and begin to venture out to your other trees, shrubs and possibly even your home. Leaving the stump can easily become a safety hazard when mowing the yard or playing catching with the kids and is definitely a problem if you’re planning on planting another tree at or near the same location. Plus tree stumps simply don’t enhance your yard’s aesthetics and may even lower your home’s resale value.

So now that you know the reasons for getting rid of that stump, what is the best method? Complete stump removal is very labor intensive. Not only is the entire tree stump dug up but all those widespread roots will also be removed. This practice is best if you already have plans for the space, as the large empty hole will need to be filled in. And by getting rid of everything associated with the downed tree, you now have a clean slate for additional landscaping, an outdoor kitchen, or a play area for the kids.

Just want that unsightly stump gone and don’t care about the roots? Then stump grinding is the way to go. While the underground roots will still be there, over time they will begin to decay, though it can take a decade or longer for the entire root system to finally disappear. Grinding is much faster and cheaper than removal, plus the upside is you are generally left with a nice sized pile of wood chips to use for your other landscaping projects.

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