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Five Low Maintenance Tree Tips for Upstate Planting

In today’s hectic fast-paced world the last thing you need is one more thing to take care of. And if you’re considering adding a few more trees to your yard and don’t want to spend all your free time maintaining them, check out these helpful “before you plant” tips.

  • Keep mature tree size to overall yard size in mind. Yes, that 5 foot tall Weeping Willow is beautiful and the perfect size for that empty area next to your deck, but it’s important to remember that Weeping Willows can easily grow 3 to 8 feet per year, quickly reaching their maximum height of 35 to 40 feet with a 35 foot canopy. Do your due diligence now before purchasing and planting to save yourself aggravation and money later.
  • Know your soil type. Is it clay based and full of rocks, or dark, rich and fertile? Different tree species require different types of dirt in order to thrive and planting the wrong sapling in the wrong soil will end up creating a tree that will require a lot of time, energy and possibly even money trying to keep it alive.
  • How is the moisture content of the soil? Does the dirt hold water? Does it drain well? Or does any water simply run off? Does it stay continually wet due to an underground spring or proximity to the HVAC drain pipe? Or is the only moisture available from Mother Nature? These are important considerations when determining the type and location of tree you want to plant. Newly planted saplings will require more water, but most tree species do not flourish if the soil is constantly wet.
  • Pests and disease are always going to be a problem. But certain varieties of trees are more susceptible to one or both, so it’s important to purchase and plant accordingly. And keep in mind, no matter how carefully you choose, current and new environmental factors will always play a part in the health of your trees.
  • The South Carolina Forestry Commission offers an online page detailing a wide range of trees suitable for planting in our state. Their site includes usage, size, growth rate, whether a tree is deciduous or an evergreen and a remarks section focusing on tree specifics.

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