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How Close is too Close?

Considering doing some major landscaping in hopes of reducing that outrageous power bill? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is planting some trees in order to shade your home and keep the A/C from running constantly. But be forewarned, there are certain trees that when planted too near a residence are basically a disaster waiting to happen.

While falling trees can cause major damage to your home, trees don’t have to be that close to your residence to create problems. Limbs that overhang your home’s roof can drop leaves and seed pods, along with small branches and twigs that may clog gutters, damage roof shingles, soffits and siding. These same limbs may allow rodents and other pests easy access to the roof and attic. Inclement weather with lots of wind can cause branches to continually scrap over the roof shingles, prematurely wearing away the granules and eventually decreasing the roof’s overall integrity.

Structural damage caused by a tree’s root system is a very real and expensive problem. Damage to your home’s foundation, surrounding driveways and walkways, attached porches or decks and even backyard sheds and outbuildings can result in not only costly repairs, but in almost all cases the problem tree will have to be taken down in order to kill off its extensive root system. When considering planting trees near your home it is important to do your homework as certain tree species are more damaging than others.

There is nothing worse than that feeling you get when your plumber says it’s not an interior plumbing problem but a blocked sewer pipe caused by that beautiful walnut tree in the front yard. Large aggressive tree roots can infiltrate older cast iron and clay pipes crushing the plumbing components and blocking drainage systems. And this is when many homeowners discover they are responsible for the sewer pipes that run from their home to the main underground sewer system. Roots can also cause concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways to crack and heave, causing uneven surfaces and dangerous trip hazards.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nicely shaded yard. You just need to consult with an experienced arborist to help determine the right tree for the right space. Or perhaps you have a couple of trees you have concerns about. The seasoned professionals at Out on a Limb Tree Service can answer all your questions along with servicing all your tree needs. Call one of their tree care experts today at 864-320-8787 for additional information.

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