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Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Often we don’t think about our trees during the colder months, but between snow, ice, freezing temps and wind, trees can become damaged. It is important before that first dusting of snow to visually inspect your trees and then call Out on a Limb Tree Service for a professional complementary consultation. 

  • Winter is the perfect time for tree maintenance since without leaves it’s much easier to determine where to make the necessary cuts in order to improve the overall health and shape of the tree. Winter pruning opens up the tree branches, which in turn improves air circulation and supplies more interior sunlight. Being able to see the entirety of the branch structure allows a tree to be pruned to maximize the overall appearance of the tree for when it’s leafed out in spring. Also, since the tree is free of greenery, dying, diseased or dangerous branches are easier to spot. This in turn removes many of the hazards falling trees and/or their branches can cause during a winter storm. 
  • Firmer winter soil leads to hardier soil compaction reducing the chances of damage to both the tree’s root system and surrounding landscaping from mechanical tree pruning and removal equipment. 
  • Fruit trees benefit greatly in terms of maximizing production when pruned during their winter dormant stage. 
  • Reduce your tree’s stress level by pruning during the colder months. When a tree is pruned during warmer weather it automatically begins to stimulate new growth in order to close the pruning lesion. By pruning in the winter the tree remains dormant, giving the wound time to heal before spring moisture, sunlight and nutrients brings new healthy growth. 
  • Many of the diseases that can damage or even kill a tree are transmitted by agents that either die or lie dormant during the winter. Pruning during the winter season stops the spread of many of these contagious conditions. In fact, it is strongly recommended to wait until winter before pruning elm trees in order to lessen the spread of Dutch elm disease.  

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