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The Importance of Soil Testing

Every homeowner wants healthy trees, a thriving lawn, and prolific flower and vegetable gardens. Unfortunately the first step, the one many gardeners forgo, is having their soil tested on a regular basis. In many cases it’s simply not knowing how and where to do it. Locally, Clemson University offers affordable year-round soil testing to the general public. Their site includes detailed instructions on how to order a soil sample mailer, correctly collecting the soil sample, and the cost of different tests.  

A common phrase among arborists and landscapers is “don’t guess, soil test.”  Even though the majority of Upstate soil has basically the same components, there are differences. Soil pH, texture, exchangeable acidity, humic matter, and structure levels must be tested since it’s impossible to know exactly what your soil needs until it’s determined what it already contains. 

Spending a little at the beginning to have your soil tested can end up saving you money in the long run by knowing exactly the correct amount and type of fertilizer needed. Plus, applying only necessary amounts of fertilizer lessens the chances of chemical run-off which in turn reduces groundwater and stream pollution. 

Creating a sound nutrient management program is the basis for soil testing. After spending good money on the perfect sapling the last thing you want is to cause the tree distress due to poor soil. Trees, from fruit to ornamental to shade, become hardier and less susceptible to diseases or to sustaining long-term damage from fungus, mold, pests, and storms when planted in the proper soil. Healthy soil can also increase vegetable and flower production, keep mature trees physically fit, ensure new saplings will have the correct nutrients before being planted, and help diagnosis growing problems in established foliage. 

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