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Spring Planting Tips

Even in these times of uncertainty, there is one thing you can count on: Spring is here! And while you may not be comfortable heading out to your favorite nursery for warm weather flowers and vegetable plants, that doesn’t mean you can’t order online and have everything you need delivered. True, you don’t get the experience of physically selecting each and every germanium and tomato plant, but the majority of online gardening companies, especially those old school ones that were around long before the internet, do an excellent job of delivering quality seeds and plants. 

  • Begin by doing a general clean-up of your yard and garden. Remove any leftover leaves. Gather downed tree branches and debris. Replenish mulch around trees and shrubs. Service your lawnmower, weed eater and hedge trimmer. Then do a good low mowing before spreading additional soil, fertilizer and grass seed
  • Spring is the best time to prune certain trees, shrubs and climbing vines. Fruit trees, trees that flower, rhododendrons, wisteria and rose bushes can all benefit from a professional pruning. 
  • Once your seeds are delivered you now need to decide if you’re going to start them indoors or plant them directly into the dirt. If the danger of late frost has passed it is perfectly fine to go ahead and plant them outside. So till up the garden, draw up your blueprint on where everything will be planted and get those vegetable seeds and starter plants in the ground.
  • Nothing lifts spirits more than bright colorful flower beds and potted plants artfully arranged on a porch or deck. Once again, if you are self quarantining, many online garden supply businesses offer a large selection of flower pots, planters and window boxes for home delivery. Now is also the perfect time to plant summer bulbs including gladiolus, dahlias and begonias. 
  • If you’re reusing pots and planters remove the old soil and thoroughly rinse out the entire container. Fill with new potting soil and new plants. Follow the specific planting instructions when it comes to watering and fertilizing. Have plants that survived the winter? Now is the perfect time to repot them. Remember, all plants will thrive with a bit of fresh soil and fertilizer. 

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