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When Severe Weather Hits

The Upstate has already experienced Mother Nature’s wrath and it’s only the beginning of June! From late April tornadoes ripping through a neighborhood a few miles from downtown Greenville, to late May torrential rains that caused countywide flooding, severe spring weather seems to be occurring earlier with each passing year. 

  • Considered acts of nature, spring and summer storms can cause a number of tree concerns. Strong healthy trees can be toppled by high winds. Those same powerful winds can also damage branches and leave limbs precariously hanging. Extreme rainfall can cause porous soil to become over saturated. All that excess moisture may cause a tree’s root system to fail. Also, when the dirt around a tree becomes extremely wet it can cause the soil to swell and heave upward, causing a tree to fall. If storm damage has caused mangled branches and limbs, stripped foliage and gouged bark, or downed or leaning trees, it is important to have an arborist you can trust on speed dial. 
  • Experts suggest scheduling a yearly inspection to maintain the health and safety of your trees and property. Get ahead of the game now by calling Out on a Limb Tree Service to have the overall health of your trees inspected before more severe weather strikes. They will check for signs of pests and disease, dead and dying branches, loose limbs, and any major structural concerns. Treatment recommendations and cost estimates will be discussed. 
  • In addition to all the other solutions Out on a Limb Tree Service offers, they also provide 24-hour emergency service for storm damaged trees. Just when you need it the most, Eric and his experienced crew will quickly mobilize to assess the damage and create a plan of action. After a weather event, even if there is no obvious damage, it is important to have your trees inspected as soon as possible, as there could easily be hidden problems. 

Now is the time, before the next round of bad weather to call 864-320-8787 and schedule your no obligation tree inspection appointment. Out on a Limb is practicing all CDC Covid-19 guidelines including maintaining social distancing and notifying customers of our presence by cell phone instead of coming to the door. For additional information please reach out to us today.  

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