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Trees Perfect for Upstate Planting

Before you decide to enhance the look and value of your property by adding trees, check out our list of the Upstate’s best tree species. 

  • Crape myrtles with their blossoms of red, pink, white, lavender and purple easily add a touch of color to the most basic yard. Unfortunately many homeowners use crape myrtles as an accent plant, placing them too close to a driveway, residence or fence. Then as the crape myrtles grow they end up getting cut back and shaped as if it they were shrubs instead of trees. In fact, crape myrtles need very little pruning and will flourish by simply trimming off the suckers. They are also super easy to grow, have few major insect or disease issues and love full sun. 
  • Need a tree that is both beautiful and hardy? Consider adding a sugar maple to your landscaping. Happy in full sun or partial shade, a sugar maple is a slow grower with a long lifespan. As the tree grows, its canopy begins to droop, creating a visually pleasing and environmentally friendly shady space. 
  • How about a tree that produces a savory and popular nut while providing ample amounts of shade on a hot day? Pecan trees, native to South Carolina, are a large tree that can grow to over 100 feet tall with an 80-120 foot canopy spread. To get the biggest and best pecans from your tree, soil testing and a fertilizing schedule is necessary. And while insects and pecan scab disease are common problems, they can be controlled by practicing regular sanitation maintenance. 
  • Chances are a ginkgo biloba tree wasn’t high on your list of trees to plant here in the Upstate of South Carolina but believe it or not they thrive in our hot humid climate. Regular ginkgo biloba trees can reach between 50 to 80 feet with a canopy spread of about the same size. Dwarf varieties, of which there are many, run a much more manageable three feet high. No matter what the variety this is a tough tree that isn’t bother by air pollution, insects or drought conditions. 
  • No list of South Carolina trees would be complete with including the mighty magnolia. While there are over 125 magnolia species nationwide, you’ll mainly find star, sweetbay and southern magnolias in and around the Carolinas. Known for their showy flowers and sweet smells, magnolias, while fairly easy to grow, do have thin bark and can be easily damaged by severe weather. 

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