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A Tropical Storm…In the Upstate…In October??

Raise your hand if that wasn’t on your 2020 bingo card! And now the next question is: how did your trees fare? Did you end up with leaves, limbs and branches all over the yard, or even worse, a tree down on your car, outbuilding or even your home?  

Mother Nature is always going to have the upper hand but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to lessen the damage and havoc she can wreak, especially when it comes to your trees. Being proactive and making plans now to have your trees inspected and pruned will provide a sense of security knowing you’ve done your due diligence in protecting your family and property. 

When should my trees be pruned?

Beginning in late fall and anytime throughout the winter is the best time for inspecting and pruning Upstate trees. As the weather turns cool trees start to shed their leaves and begin the process of becoming dormant. As the leaves drop the tree’s branches become easier to inspect and damaged or cracked limbs that were perhaps hidden by thick foliage come into view. 

Almost all species of trees are affected by outside stressors, including fungus, pests and even the stress of being pruned. This stress level is minimized if the pruning is done while the tree is dormant or resting. Also, during the colder months there is less chance of disease spreading throughout the entire tree, ultimately harming its structure. Of course the earlier in the season you have your trees pruned reduces the chance of damage from snow and ice storms. 

Is pruning really necessary? 

In one word: definitely. 

  • Regular pruning is like a yearly physical. Trees are checked for insects and other pests, fungus and diseases. If any of these conditions are found, the diseased or damaged branches are removed and additional remedies applied if necessary.  

Removing sick or damaged limbs during the winter months helps to ensure once spring arrives the tree’s remaining branches will be healthy. 

  • Pruning can increase a tree’s aesthetic value. It can control a tree’s size and shape, allowing it to enhance the surrounding landscaping. Plus the added advantage of opening up a tree’s canopy allows more light and rainwater to reach interior parts of the tree base. 
  • Pruning will also assist a flowering tree to produce more blooms and fruit trees to improve their yield. 

Pruning is a fine art. There is a certain aesthetic to the entire process. Not only do you want the dead, damaged and diseased branches removed, but you want them removed in such a way that the tree remains healthy and attractive. Serving the entire Upstate of South Carolina, Out on a Limb Tree Service is currently scheduling inspection and pruning appointments as well as working with homeowners affected by the recent tropical storm. Please call 864-320-8787 or connect with us online for additional information. We also provide fast 24-hour emergency storm cleanup and strive to be your go-to tree service no matter what the situation. 

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