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Why That Tree Stump Needs To Go

How often have you driven by a home and noticed tree stumps in the yard? Perhaps the homeowner has made an attempt to camouflage the stumps by planting flowers around them, using them for plant stands or gotten creative and made garden sculptures, but come on, you can still see it’s a tree stump. Not only is the stump unsightly but it has the potential to be harmful. 

  • Aesthetics isn’t the only reason a tree stump needs to be removed; stumps can also be hazardous. From kids running and playing in the yard to the next door neighbor accidently stumbling and falling, a tree stump can end up being a liability and leave you facing a costly lawsuit. 
  • Running over or hitting a tree stump with a lawn mower can be dangerous, both to the mower and to the person operating it. Plus, tree stumps are just one more thing that has to be weeded around either with hand clippers or a weed trimmer.
  • Even if the entire tree was dead the remaining stump can continue to produce new sprouts, which grow into numerous smaller trees, often known as zombie trees. Not only are these trees unattractive but as they grow they siphon necessary nutrients from nearby foliage. Chemical treatments may be required to kill the new shoots and their established roots and the stump will need to be completely removed in order to keep this from reoccurring. 
  • Decaying tree stumps are an open invitation to pests and rodents. Wood-boring insects including termites, beetles and carpenter ants will move in and use the decaying stump as home base as they venture out to infest nearby healthy trees. Worst case scenario: these pests may eventually spread to your home, causing expensive structural damage. 
  • Planning on taking the easy way out and planting a new tree in the area where the stump is? Think again. The root system is still intact and taking up a great deal of precious underground real estate. Also, speaking of real estate, get rid of the stump and you’ll have space for a flower bed, vegetable garden or play area for the kids. 

Winter is here and Out on a Limb Tree Service is also here for all your tree needs. Call 864-320-8787 today to schedule a complementary tree inspection before the ice and snow shows up. An ounce of tree maintenance prevention today can save you from potential problems this winter.

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