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How Spring Tree Pruning Can Save You Money

There have already been reports of spring storms causing damage throughout the Upstate and it’s only April. Spring and summer weather can cause uprooted trees and dangerous falling branches, so before the next weather alert flashes across your television screen or pings your phone, get your trees inspected and pruned for maximum safety.

Advantages of Spring Pruning

  • If you schedule the pruning before the trees begin to leaf out for the summer, your tree care professional will have an easier time locating any dead, dying or diseased branches. This also makes the job simpler since there are no leafy branches to get in the way and the full branching pattern is easier to follow.
  • While often thought of as a fall or winter project, many arborists consider an early spring pruning, one in which the trees are still bare, a dormant pruning. In a dormant pruning, while problem branches are removed, the main goal is to clean up all overgrowth especially branches hanging over roadways, walkways, decks, porches, parking areas and driveways. 
  • Trees that are prolific sap producers including maple, walnut and birch trees are better pruned in late spring and early summer. During a winter pruning they ooze large amounts of sap which may be a bit too messy for some homeowners. In the warmer months sap bleeding is reduced, the sap loss is very minor and there is no damage to the overall health of the tree. 

Minimal Pruning is Best 

  • Many experts agree not more than 10 percent of healthy leafed out branches should be removed simply for aesthetic reasons. A springtime total tree pruning may put the tree at risk for disease and pests as the fresh wounds take longer to heal during the warmer months. 
  • Check not once but twice to make sure your trees aren’t blooming or showing signs of budding before pruning. Pruning a blooming tree can easily disrupt its bloom potential for the rest of the year. 
  • Bottom line, no matter what the reason: appearance, personal and property safety, removal of damaged and diseased branches, in most cases minimal pruning during the spring months will keep your trees healthy and your home safe. 

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