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The Importance of Having an Emergency Tree Specialist on Speed Dial

You go to bed thinking all is well only to wake up in the middle of a night with a terrible thunderstorm raging outside. The power goes out and before you can grab a flashlight, you hear a horrible crack, a big thud and now that enormous oak tree in the front yard is lying completely across your driveway. 

When you have Out on a Limb Tree Service programmed into your smart phone, Eric and his professional team are there for you: 24/7/365, offering emergency tree service resulting from storm damage, vehicular accidents, pest infestations and more. 

Weather Related Emergencies 

  • Often, especially during the spring and summer, strong thunderstorms producing damaging winds can quickly uproot a tree, or if the tree’s core is weak, can cause the trunk to snap. While winter storms with heavy precipitation can break tree branches, and in some cases, the weight of the snow or ice may cause a tree to collapse. 
  • tree hit by lightning will often burn from the inside out. The heat of the lightning boils the liquid in the tree’s cells. This in turn strips and/or burns the bark, the tender wood underneath the bark, and even the tree’s root system.
  • Torrential rains and flash flooding can rapidly deteriorate the surrounding soil, washing away the compacted dirt around a tree’s roots causing instability which can lead to a sudden uprooting.

Additional Tree Emergencies 

  • Leaning trees are a common sight but when for no discernible reason a tree begins leaning at a more noticeable angle, cracks in the trunk develop, or if large branches suddenly begin to die, the tree needs immediate attention. 
  • Often a tree will sustain damage from a car accident. Perhaps the road was icy and the driver lost control, or they swerved to avoid hitting another car or an animal. Whatever the reason damage by a vehicle is one of the greatest stressors a tree can face and an immediate inspection is always necessary. Obvious damage needs to accessed, any broken limbs removed, and the tree closely watched for deterioration. If the root ball is visible or if the tree is obviously leaning then prompt removal is generally warranted. 
  • Last by not least if your tree develops severe trunk wounds, emergency service should be considered. From the above mentioned auto accident to a winter storm and also from disease, pest infestations and improper pruning, trunk wounds along with gaping cavities and holes are all signs of a tree in peril. Depending on the circumstances some of these trees can be saved if appropriate action is quickly taken. This is why in the case of trunk wounds you should never delay in contacting Out on a Limb for an emergency consultation to see if your tree can be saved. 

Providing the Upstate of South Carolina with the most professional emergency tree service, Out on a Limb Tree Service is available day or night by calling Eric at 864-320-8787. You may also reach him at eric@outonalimbsc.com, or by filling out our safe and secure online contact form

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