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Top Five Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

Not sure if your trees are in need of a trim? Perhaps you like the way the canopy looks but have concerns about some of the branches. Check out these helpful tips on when it’s time to give Out on a Limb Tree Service a call to schedule an appointment. 

  • Your trees look healthy but some of the branches seem to be growing at weird angles. There is nothing wrong with a little cosmetic tree pruning. A single nicely shaped tree or a small copse with evenly spaced branches can enhance your curb appeal. Ensuring fruit trees grown uniformly allow them to bear more fruit without overloading the branches which in turn may cause breakage. Regularly pruning misshapen shade tree branches will allow the trunk to grow to its proper height and provide adequate shade.
  • There are numerous reasons tree branches break and when you start seeing more than just one or two, it’s time to get an expert involved. Branches can become damaged from weather, disease, pests and environmental concerns. Tree branches can also become dry and brittle due to human error including over-fertilizing and lack of water. Pruning diseased or dead branches gives the tree an opportunity to develop a hardier core structure while improving its overall health. 
  • While similar to broken branches tree deadwood are branches, twigs and leaves that are dead but still attached to the tree. Keep in mind that just because a tree has deadwood, that doesn’t mean it is in distress. Deadwood is part of a tree’s natural life cycle but should be removed before becoming a liability concern. Allowing deadwood to remain can attract pests and as the material continues to decay, fungus may begin to grow.  
  • Tree branches growing close to or hovering over power lines definitely need to be professionally pruned. It is important to remember tree limbs don’t have to actually touch a live power line to cause problems. Under the right circumstances an electrical arc can reach the surrounding trees causing not only a fire but could also be a hazard to persons on the ground. This same arcing may also disrupt power service to neighborhood homes and businesses. Information on the specific distance trees and their branches should be from power lines can be found at The National Electric Safety Code website. 
  • We all want nice full healthy trees. But sometimes too much growth is just as harmful as too little. Often trees that are planted specifically for landscaping don’t have to compete against other vegetation for sunlight and nutrients which in turn allows them to grow very tall, very quickly. If this occurs often the tree will need to be pruned back to allow the root growth to catch up. Then while some trees grow up, other species grow out, and those too, if growing too quickly, will also need to be cut back. If not, there is always a chance the extending branches may become too heavy for the tree trunk and begin to splinter and break off. 

Ready to schedule a complementary consultation to insure the health and safety of your trees? Give Eric with Out on a Limb Tree Service a call today at 864-320-8787. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for your piece of mind.

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