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How to Properly Water Your Trees

So far this summer Mother Nature has cooperated and blessed us with plenty of rain so our grass, trees and other landscaping is green, flowering and thriving. But that isn’t always the case, so here are our best tips for keeping your trees properly watered when rain isn’t in the forecast. 

  • During hot dry weather newly planted trees will need more attention than that 100 year old majesty oak. A new tree’s root ball is still pretty compact for several months after being planted. It’s important to water directly around the tree as well as evenly under the canopy as this will encourage the tree’s roots to grow and spread. Attention to watering will need to be done for several seasons before the tree becomes fully established.  
  • Older mature trees can withstand arid conditions for longer period of times than their younger counterparts. And unlike a newly planted tree, it is recommended that you don’t water the area directly around the tree’s trunk in order to prevent rot. Many people believe a tree’s underground root system has the same shape, size and dimensions as its aboveground canopy or drip line, but in reality a tree’s roots can extend well beyond the canopy. Because the majority of these roots are hidden underground, a slow deep soaking method is best. Let the water run until the soil is moist down to a depth of 10 inches. This allows the tree’s roots to soak up much needed moisture, while also preventing aboveground evaporation and runoff, which often occurs with a sprinkler system.
  • Not sure when to water? The easiest way to determine the soil moisture around a tree is to take a long blade screwdriver and push it down into the soil. It will be easy to maneuver into wet or damp dirt but difficult to do so when the soil is dry. If you are unable to push the screwdriver in least six inches then it’s time to turn on the irrigation system. While it’s important to make sure your trees are getting adequate moisture, it is also important not to overwater them or make them dependent on water you are providing. This is especially true of trees that 3 or 4 years old. Trees of this age should have a fairly mature root system and need to become resilient enough to withstand occasional dry periods.

Need more information on how to keep your trees thriving during the summer months? Or perhaps you’ve got questions about the health of one of your trees, or simply need a quote on having your trees trimmed before winter. Eric and his team of experienced professionals are here when you need them. Call Out on a Limb Tree Service today at 864-320-8787 or simply fill out our convenient online form for more information, or to schedule an appointment. 

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