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The Difference Between Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming

Many people often use tree pruning and tree trimming as if they have the same meaning.  And while yes, they are very similar, there is a slight difference, which one day depending on the circumstances, you may need to be aware of. So let’s find out what’s really going on between these two phrases. 

Tree Pruning 

Professional arborists consider pruning to be the act of removing unnecessary tree and shrub branches. This is done both from a safety and aesthetic perspective. If a tree’s growth is being stunted because of overgrowth, infected or dead branches, or if there is potential danger from falling branches, then pruning is what your tree care professional will recommend.  

Even the time of the year for pruning and trimming is different. Generally, unless there is an immediate need to have limbs and branches removed, such as damage from a summer storm or winter snow and ice event, general pruning is usually scheduled for the late winter/very early spring months. This is due to the fact since many trees, bushes and shrubs go dormant during the colder months, the risk of damaging tender new growth is lessened. Removing the unhealthy branches before any new growth appears allows that extra energy to go toward producing new growth that will be healthy and thrive. And since the trees aren’t fully leafed out, it’s easier to see the true shape and make aesthetic changes as well as control the overall size and form. It is also important to pay attention to the direction branches are growing. If they are getting too close to power poles, utility wires or standing structures, pruning can help remove any future danger.

Tree Trimming 

Spring is here and your tree’s leaves are out in all their own natural glory. Except there is a slight problem: the canopy of several of those trees is so thick the grass underneath is dying. All those beautiful green leaves are preventing the proper amount of sunlight and even rainwater to get through to the landscaping below. And if you’re being honest, the trees are looking a bit unkempt. This is when you need to have your trees trimmed. Trimming trees at the end of the blooming or leafing out cycle will both increase the aesthetics as well as ensuring their overall health. 

Think of trimming your trees as a form of pest control. While trees that are overgrown can quickly become a home for birds and squirrels, they can also just as quickly become a hideout for colonizing pests and insects such as beetles, tent worms and termites. Many of these insects not only spread disease but they can also do major damage to a tree by weakening the core of the trunk and branches. And if the trees are in close proximity to your home or outbuildings, you could end up with an interior pest infestation.

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