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Call Today to Schedule Your Fall Tree Maintenance

The weather is turning cool and falling leaves have begun taking the place of acorns, cascading all over your yard, deck and driveway. And now is the perfect time to call Out on a Limb Tree Service to schedule your end of the year tree inspection and pruning appointment. Why are the colder months the best time for general tree maintenance? Here’s all you need to know and more!

  • As leaves fall, more of the tree’s framework is exposed, allowing your tree care professional to easily check for dead or diseased branches. This is also the best time for tree reshaping. Often tree reshaping is done simply to make a tree more aesthetically balanced or the tree may be getting so large that its canopy is blocking out necessary sunlight to the foliage underneath. 
  • Pruning during the colder months when a tree has gone dormant is less stressful on its overall health. During spring and summer the majority of the tree’s energy is going toward leafing out, producing new buds or simply waking up after a long cold winter. When pruning is added to the mix, trees may become more susceptible to insect infestations, fungal diseases, and they also aren’t able to heal as quickly if damaged during summer storms.  
  • Winter pruning reduces the likelihood of harmful diseases being spread. Many tree diseases including those caused by fungi, parasites, pests and bacteria, usually die out or go dormant during the colder months, thus reducing the chances of tree to tree contamination by the use of shared tree tools. In fact, professional arborists strongly recommending winter pruning specifically for elm and oak trees to lessen the advance of Dutch elm disease and oak wilt. 
  • Winter often brings treacherous ice and snow storms complete with high winds. Trees that are weak due to pest infestation, disease or old age can quickly become both personal safety and property hazards. A thorough pruning will remove loose limbs and decaying branches. Though in some cases it may be necessary to take down the entire tree if the tree care professional determines it isn’t salvageable. 
  • Cold weather pruning is also easier on the surrounding landscaping. The ground is becoming more compact due to the cooler temperatures reducing the amount of wear and tear tree removal equipment may cause. 

Out on a Limb Tree Service services the entire Upstate from Greer to Fountain Inn. For the best in local tree care, one call to Eric at 864-320-8787 is all it takes to schedule your complementary tree inspection. Winter is on the way and you don’t want or need to spend it worrying about the safety of your trees. 

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