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We Offer a Complementary Tree Hazard Assessment

The weather has already let us know who’s in charge in the new year! Inches of rain, intense winds, and even a chance of snow. Hopefully you didn’t end up with any storm damage but many of our Upstate neighbors are now having to contend with broken limbs and branches, and unfortunately in some cases, downed trees. Now is a great time to get a tree hazard assessment.

Broken limbs and dead tree causes.

While storms are the number one cause of tree damage, inclement weather isn’t the only reason. Broken branches can be caused by vandalism or if hit by a car. Limbs can die and fall due to pest or rodent infestation. For example, while carpenter ants don’t directly kill a tree, an infestation signals rotting wood is present and that the tree’s structural strength may be compromised. Then certain types of fungus and bacteria are so invasive and contagious they can easily decimate an entire species in a matter of years. 

If you have trees the only way you’ll never have to worry about or deal with damage is to have every tree removed. But if you’re a passionate dendrophile and cutting down all your magnificent trees isn’t an option, then the next best step is to call Eric with Out on a Limb Tree Service and schedule an appointment.

What does a tree hazard assessment entail? 

Similar to a dermatologist visit, in order to get to the root of the problem, it is necessary to have the tree or trees visually inspected by a professional. This is the most effective method of evaluating the condition of the tree. Once a diagnosis has been determined, Eric will offer a variety of solutions depending on the circumstances. 

Winter Inspection 

An annual winter inspection is recommended as this provides the best opportunity to inspect the tree’s branch structure free from summer foliage. Eric will also check any new knots or cavities and patches of decay or rot. He will look at the status of any codominant stems, trees with extreme lean, and check for root and sapwood damage. He will also be on the lookout for signs of mushroom growth around the base of the tree, as this is a major indication of decay. 

Is a summer tree hazard assessment necessary? 

That depends. If your trees have experienced any type of damage, then yes, it is definitely necessary. Taking care of small problems now will keep them from turning into larger and more costly future problems. Not to mention the safety factor. Falling branches are dangerous and can be deadly. 

Plus, summer is a great time for a professional trim. Aesthetically when a tree is completely leafed out it’s easier to take advantage of its natural shape and also allows Eric to inspect leaf color and shape while checking new twig growth for obvious defects. A summer trimming can promote new growth. And removing dead or damaged branches can help keep pests from nesting. 

Ready to get on the schedule? Call or text Eric today 864-320-8787. Shoot him an email at eric@outonalimbsc.com or simply fill out our convenient online form. We look forward to becoming your go-to tree service in the Upstate.

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