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Let Us Safely Remove Your Dead and Damaged Trees

The Upstate of South Carolina just had their first round of snow and ice and while you may have gotten lucky and not had any storm damage, chances are you probably know someone who did. So before Mother Nature comes blowing back in with more severe weather go ahead and call Out on a Limb Tree Service at 864-320-8787 for a no obligation inspection estimate. Not sure if that tree is dying or just in dormant mode? For the safety of your property and your peace of mind, connect with Eric today.  

Signs of a Dead or Dying Tree

This time of the year it may be difficult to tell the health of a tree. But often there will be signs of trouble in and around the trunk. 

  • Cracks or gaping holes are a definite concern and need to be evaluated by a professional arborist. 
  • Mushrooms are a fungus. Mushrooms growing around the base of the tree are generally an indication of serious problems in the soil, roots, and/or trunk of the tree. 
  • One way to check the health of a tree is by doing the scratch test. Green means good. Brown means call Eric now. 

Signs of a Damaged Tree 

Often similar to the signs of a dying tree, it is always important to err on the side of caution and if you have any concerns about the condition of your trees, don’t wait, call in an expert. 

  • Damaged roots are often the first sign of a problem. Roots run deep and far, and problems aren’t always easy to detect. But if you suddenly notice a tree leaning, that just a couple of days ago was completely upright, that can indicate a serious sign of root damage. 
  • Another is small branches sprouting from the base of the tree. Known as epicormic shoots, when these appear, this is a clear sign of a tree under severe stress. 
  • Did you notice leafless branches peeking out from the top of the tree last summer? This is known in the business as dieback and is another indication of root problems. And only an expert can determine if the cause is soil compaction, nutrient deficiency in the soil or fungus. 

Now is the perfect time of year to have your trees inspected by a qualified professional. The majority of tree species are currently dormant allowing for a more accurate assessment. Pest and rodent nests are easier to spot and remove. Plus, the ground is hard and cold making it safer to bring in tree care equipment. Serving the entire Upstate, Out on a Limb Tree Service is now scheduling appointments for complementary evaluations. Please use our convenient online form or email us at eric@outonalimbsc.com and let’s get your trees in shape for spring! 

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