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Tree Cabling and Bracing

When Your Trees Need a Little Support

During your annual tree inspection your tree care professional mentions one of your trees could benefit from some additional support to remain stable and healthy. There are a couple of different support systems that may be considered depending on your tree’s needs. Here are some fairly simple explanations of what both tree cabling and tree bracing entails and under what circumstances they may be recommended.

Tree Cabling

Chances are pretty good you’ve never heard of a tree cable, but they are more prevalent than most people realize. Installed primarily on trees with weak or damaged limbs or a large codominant Y-shaped stem, tree cabling is basically, as the name implies, an extremely strong metal fiber cable installed to create a support system that stabilizes a part of a tree’s physical structure. In the case of a Y-shaped codominant trunk, a tree cable can lessen the chances of stem failure. Cabling a tree helps the tree to survive when it comes to the likelihood of branch failure caused by high winds, ice and snow, motor vehicle accidents, and even in some cases, damage from rodents and disease. 

Tree Bracing 

Another form of tree support, a tree brace is frequently used when a tree has sustained limb damage which threatens the overall health of the tree. A brace is installed around the lower part of the trunk, providing a degree of rigid support for proper stabilization. A steel rod secured with eye bolts are threaded through the trunk and keeps the tree from twisting during violent weather. Braces can also be installed through large over- extended multiple leaders in order to keep them from spreading further apart and potentially breaking off. There are additional factors that must be taken into consideration before installing a tree brace. Your tree care professional will make a thorough inspection to determine if a brace support system is necessary, and in the case of rot or decay, if bracing is even feasible. 

Different situations require different solutions, and this is definitely true when it comes to a supplemental tree structural support system. It is also important to remember no matter what system your tree care professional recommends, neither are completely fool-proof and annual system inspections are recommended. 

Concerned you have a tree that appears unbalanced, has limbs that are over-extended or severely drooping or damaged, or if you are simply are worried about the overall structural integrity of the tree, then it’s time to call Out on a Limb Tree Service for a professional inspection and evaluation. Call Eric at 864-320-8787, email him at eric@ouotonalimbsc.com or simply scroll down and fill out the safe and secure online contact form. And don’t forget, Out on a Limb Tree Service is also a 24-hour emergency tree care provider.

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