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Time to Spring Clean Your Trees

Quick! Before your trees begin to bud out, it’s time to get them shaped up for the upcoming warm weather. In case you didn’t know, Out on a Limb Tree Service provides complementary tree inspections, always offers a professional opinion on the best course of action for your trees, and never ever will try to upsell you on unnecessary procedures. 

Easy Removal of Branches

Scheduling a spring appointment before your trees are completely leafed out is the best time of the year to have Eric, your local licensed tree care professional, come check things out. This time of the year deciduous trees are mostly bare, allowing for a clear view of dead, damaged, or deformed branches. Rodent nests are easy to spot and remove. And now is the perfect time for shaping trees that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. 

Pruning trees before the weather heats up also reduces stress on the tree’s overall growing process. Just like a human’s open wound, a tree with a fresh pruning lesion can be vulnerable to disease and infection. In fact, there are certain insects that are attracted to these raw cuts, and we all know summer is prime insect and pest season. 

Pruning after a tree has fully leafed out may cause the tree canopy to not be as full and lush as in the past. Leaves work to manufacture the sugars necessary to help the tree grow and thrive. If these leaves are removed there is less fuel to move throughout the tree’s branches and trunk. This in turn will reduce the tree’s leaf production for the following year. 

Helpful tip: if you must trim a tree during the summer months because it has become a safety hazard, coat the open wounds with latex paint. The smell and consistency of the paint can help repel many fungus carrying critters. 

Maximize the Harvest

For homeowners with fruit trees a good spring pruning will actually encourage those apple, peach, pear and cherry trees to produce more fruit. Of course, care must be taken to only clean up obviously dead or diseased limbs and especially those thin, scrawny branches commonly known as water sprouts. These spindly sprouts grow quickly, sapping so much energy from the rest of the tree, while restricting air flow and sunlight, and eventually reducing the overall fruit production. Proper spring fruit tree pruning helps ensure a plentiful summer crop of fruit bearing limbs, not energy stealing water sprouts. 

Ready for your spring checkup? Give Eric a call today at 864-320-8787 to schedule your complementary tree inspection. If he’s up a tree, please leave a message, or you can always connect with him by filling out Out on a Limb’s safe and secure online contact form. And remember summer is right around the corner and Out on a Limb Tree Service also provides 24-hour emergency storm assistance.

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