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Spring Tree Care Checklist

Spring is here and I’m sure you’ve already made several trips to your local big box home and garden center for pots of marigolds, baskets of geraniums and bags of fertilizer and grass seed. And while you’re outside digging in the dirt, it’s also the perfect time to go over our spring tree care checklist to ensure your trees are in great shape for the upcoming warmer weather.

  • Now is the best time to check for rodent nests and damaged and broken limbs before your trees completely leaf out. If you can carefully and safely remove the debris, make sure to wear heavy duty gloves, long sleeves and safety googles; or simply call the Out on a Limb Tree Service professionals at 864-320-8787 to schedule a pruning appointment. 
  • Using a rake gently fluff any leftover fall/winter mulch. Over time mulch will compact making it difficult for water and air to freely move and reach the soil beneath. Compacted mulch that has become petrified may be at risk of developing fungi and mildew. 
  • Clean around the base of the tree removing all debris including small twigs and branches. The remaining dead leaves and bark can be mulched with a lawnmower and placed around the tree for protection from weeds and to help keep moisture in during the sizzling summer months. Or you could simply take the dead leaves and pile them around the base. A thin layer of leaves is sufficient. You should be able to still see a bit of grass or dirt through the leaves. As the leaves deteriorate, they nourish the surrounding soil which in turn helps to feed the tree and its roots. 
  • Check the tree’s trunk and bark. Holes, cavities and oozing wounds, along with mushrooms growing around the trunk bottom all need to be evaluated by a tree care professional. Trunk concerns can easily diminish a tree’s stability and while these problems may seem minor on the outside, there could easily be dangerous interior problems occurring. 
  • Some trees do best planted in the fall while others thrive when planted in the spring. Now is the time to get flowering crabapple, gingko, red oak and white pine in the ground so they have time to become established before winter. Just remember to keep them well watered especially during the hottest summer days. 
  • Don’t forget to inspect your home sprinkler system. Ensure all the sprinkler heads are popping up and pointing in the right direction for proper spray angles. If you have a programmable system, ensure the times are set on a specific watering schedule that meets your needs. Inspect the shut off valve for leaks and make sure the anti-siphon valve is operating correctly. 

Out on a Limb Tree Service, serving the entire upstate South Carolina area, is now welcoming new clients. We offer complimentary tree inspections, fast, friendly and professional service and 24 hour emergency storm cleanup. To schedule an appointment please call Eric today at 864-320-8787 or fill out our secure online form and we’ll be back in touch shortly. Out on a Limb Tree Service: for all your Upstate tree care needs. 

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