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Don’t Let Hot Weather Drought Stress Your Trees

Now is the time to come up with a game plan for dealing with the upcoming sizzling summer weather and the effects it may have on your trees. 

Know Your Trees

  • Are your trees drought tolerant? Or do you have species that can handle extended periods of hot dry weather? But don’t forget about trees that end up with problems due to overwatering. Now is a good time to read up on the varieties of trees you have planted and the best way to care for them. 
  • The age of the tree is important when it comes to the frequency and amount of water necessary. Young saplings have a harder time handling drought stress than older more mature trees. But just because a tree is young or newly planted, make sure you don’t overwater it. In many species, that can be just as harmful as the effects of drought stress. 

Know the Signs of Drought Stress 

Unfortunately, it may be hard to tell if a tree is suffering from heat and lack of water or if there are other problems such as disease or insect or pest infestation. But if you notice any of the following, please call and schedule an appointment with your tree care professional. 

  • The tree’s leaves are turning yellow and beginning to wilt. 
  • Also, yellow might not be the only color. Drought stricken leaves can also begin premature fall coloring and it may not be unusual to see also red, brown and orange leaves as well. 
  • The leaves are smaller in size than previous seasons.
  • Buds are not opening, and new twig growth is stunted. 
  • You may begin to see early leaf drop along with some fallen limbs as the branches lose strength from lack of water.
  • The tree’s canopy starts to thin. 

Tips for Controlling Drought Stress

  • Learn to water correctly. Don’t water during the peak temperature hours of 10am to 8pm when the water could easily evaporate before it is absorbed into the ground. Water slowly so the moisture has time to soak into the root system. Watering too fast or forcefully can cause water runoff. Allowing the water to slowly soak in can help the tree avoid root rot. 
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of mulching around your trees. Not only will mulching help with weed control but it also works to hold moisture in as well as preventing water runoff. 
  • Forgo fertilizing until Mother Nature begins to cooperate. Applying fertilizer during a drought period pulls water away from the tree’s roots which possibly could lead to root burn. A tree has to process the added fertilizer which adds more pressure to its already stressed system.
  • Using a practice of drip irrigation and/or soaker hoses and watering thoroughly every 10 to 14 days is the best method of keeping mature trees from becoming drought stressed. 

Need more information on keeping your trees healthy and safe during the impending hot weather? Give Eric a call today at 864-320-8787 or fill out our convenient online contact form. And why not take a moment right now and program Out on a Limb Tree Service into your phone? We provide 24/7/365 emergency clean up service for those summer storms that are right around the corner. 

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