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Make your Appointment Now for Fall Tree Pruning

The kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is showing up in everything from coffee to cereal, college football is here and before you know it, it will be time to grab a jacket while heading out the door. So that means one thing: it’s time to make an appointment with Out on a Limb Tree Service for your fall tree inspection and pruning. Why is this important for the health of your trees and the safety of your property? Keep reading!

Tree Health

Often diseased trees are hard to spot until it’s too late. Certain insects and rodents can cause major damage, while fungus, mildew, rust and other environmental concerns may create unsightly foliage, weaken tree root systems, and destroy bark. 


Here are the five most common insects tree owners should be concerned about.

  1. Forest and Eastern Tent Caterpillars
  2. Gypsy Moths
  3. Pine Beetles
  4. Emerald Ash Borers 
  5. Asian Long Horned Beetles

For the most part, unless there is a large infestation, most insects are hard to spot, especially since they like to bore into the wood, create nests and lay their eggs. Many times, a tree is damaged beyond being saved before it becomes obvious there is a problem. That’s why it’s so important to have your trees professionally inspected on a regular basis. When caught early enough, chances are the tree can be salvaged.


Squirrels are the number one culprit when it comes to above ground rodent tree damage. While they may look cute climbing and jumping across the tree canopies, they are also harming the tree’s bark and leaves. Tender new twig growth can be broken as they hop from branch to branch. Small limbs may end up gridled from their chewing. Tiny microscopic tears in the bark from their claws and teeth could allow insects and pathogens to enter and attack the wood. 

Property Damage

Damaged trees have a good chance of causing property damage to your home, outbuildings and automobiles, not to mention the possibility of personal injury or even death. Strong summer storms often will cause branches to break and get caught in the tree’s canopy, falling days or weeks later from a strong gust of wind. These same storms may also damage a tree’s root system which in turn could cause the tree to come down. This is especially dangerous when the tree is in close proximity to power lines, buildings and vehicles. A through inspection by a seasoned professional helps to reduce the chances of property damage or personal injury by a falling tree or damaged, diseased or dead branches. 

Out on a Limb Tree Service is now scheduling complementary fall tree inspections. To get on the schedule please call Eric at 864-320-8787 or simply fill out our safe and convenient online appointment form

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